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March 28, 2020

The COVID-19 situation is a very unfortunate, rapidly-moving situation, very serious for our older citizens, and may not spare some younger people who thought previously they had little to worry about.  It is the cause of great mental stress for all.

At RVH we have dedicated, hard-working and talented physicians and hospital leaders, who are planning maximal health, wellness and safety of public and the many staff, not just physicians and nurses but all the support services.

Ontario's Ministry of Health recommended urgent "ramping down of elective surgeries and other non-emergent activities", and this has resulted in widespread cancellations of endoscopies, not to mention surgeries, cancer treatments, and many other appointments and investigations (labs and imaging).

Our office has quickly evolved towards "virtual care", which means phone calls, email, and perhaps video-conferencing.  Until further notice, there will be no reason for any patients to come in person to the office.

Good luck out there, stay safe, stay at home, and look after your families and loved ones.  Thanks for staying home, we are in the hospital, and at the front-line for you. Watch out for false information, especially on social media, and watch out for information overload.

We will update this website when we are able to re-book all the postponed cases, and of course we will contact each patient that has been affected.

Hope to catch up with you on the other side. 

Eoin Lalor.